First Financial Banc was founded by promising our clients the fairest Trading Conditions on the market. We have managed to create an outstanding professional team of people in different departments who work daily in order to fulfill your needs and requests. We are going through constant progressive investment in Technological Innovation.

Here at First Financial Banc , we do know that choosing the broker might be not an easy task to sort out and want to make it easy for you. We are aware that we are offering the most appealing terms for our traders and we are confident that you feel the same.

Our vision was to create a platform where trading standards were the highest in the market, starting to the trading platforms we provide MT4 and Status, best security standards for online transactions, instant execution of your positions which lead to the very best of the results. By providing these policies we believe we are providing our clients with a very good start in Financial Markets.

First Financial Banc aims to go above other brokers in all aspects. When it comes to leverage in forex, we do not let you down. As other brokers are lowering their leverage around the world, we provide you with a leverage of 1:1000. Since we go rigorously after risk management steps, we are offering a Negative Balance Protection also.

It is true that leverage might be a double-sided knife, and we are always telling our clients to learn as much as possible over leverage and trading strategies. Once you feel confident in the analysis you will make, strategies you will choose and about the trading skills you have developed, you will find yourself doing the maximum to maximize the opportunity to monetize your positions.

A very important part of a team is effective communication between the company and clients. We believe that being available for our clients and listening to their voices is an added value for us. By providing you with the necessary information to succeed we believe that you will have the flexibility and confidence to move forward in the market.

We believe in collaboration and partnership. We want to have you in our company happy by developing a strong relationship with you based on trust and successful results.