First Financial Banc WebTrader

First Financial Banc WebTrader is the outstanding trading platform created by our team of software developers in close collaboration with our financial analysts. First Financial Banc webtrader is our product and we are happy to provide it for you. It is a powerful weapon in your hands, especially if you are new at trading.

First Financial Banc webtrader is a client-focused platform which helps you understand how financial market works and it helps you make wiser decisions. You will be connected to the world’s largest field of data, news, and events.

1. What is First Financial Banc WebTrader?
2. What is First Financial Banc webtrader able to do for you?
3. First Financial Banc webtrader main functionalities

As you read above, First Financial Banc WebTrader is a web-based trading platform, which is accessible from any browser and operating system (Windows, Mac, Linux) with no requirements for any additional software. No time consuming for downloading and installing. Once you create your account, fund it and you can start trading in a few steps. Status comes as a full package of information: the platform where you will be able to place your positions, historical prices of assets, economic calendar, trading indicators, technical analysis and news.

► Multiple chart view options

You can choose to have two, three or four charts in one screen. If you need to work with different currency pairs at the same time, then you place multiple charts in the same screen, so you can study the behavior of multiple currency pairs simultaneously. Furthermore, you will have different ways of graphs appearing: Candle, Bar, Colored bar, Hollow candle, Line, Mountain, Volume candles, information over your activity on a certain pair of currencies or certain assets.

► Free hand in managing your trading account

You have free hand in managing your trading account and positions you open. First Financial Banc WebTrader allows you to open, edit, keep pending and close positions any time you want to do that. The platform will keep a history of your moves and it will make them accessible even for you at any time. You can even customize your platform view as you wish, blue, dark, or white, depending on your preference.

► Market updates in real-time

A good decision should be based on technical and fundamental analysis. Technical analysis is based on charts, fundamental analysis is based on a general overview of the market. As you will notice, you have at First Financial Banc WebTrader the news section in the same part of the interface where you are allowed to trade.

• Trading directly via a browser.
• Compatibility with any operating system.
• Reliable data protection.
• One Click Trading.
• History of trading operations.
• 30 indicators for technical analysis.
• All types of trading operations.
• Real-time quotes.
• 9 timeframes
• Information over your activity on the platform.
• Zooming the charts.